The use of humor and casual approach make the time spent with Dr. Friday completely enjoyable yet full of useful information that can be applied immediately to your life.
— Josephine Smerdel, Teacher-in-Service, Woodland Hills, PA

Dr. Friday has presented to national and international forums on topics relevant to cognitive behavioral therapy, including coping with stress, maximizing effective interpersonal communications, and balancing brain functions for a more balanced life. Dr. Friday specializes in supporting professionals in such fields as healthcare, law, education, and business.

Through 30-minute to 3-hour presentations, Dr. Friday provides attendees with practical tools they can use to manage everyday stresses they experience on the job and in their off-duty lives. Presentations impart a foundational knowledge of brain function/location that helps to ground theories of cognitive behavioral therapy in science. Friday's Laws — the eight guideposts of effective thinking — are the framework for the presentations, which he customizes to address each audience's critical stress issues. That customization along with humor, anecdotes from his 40 years of clinical practice, and hands-on activities serve to engage and inspire audiences of all sizes, from a boardroom of a dozen to a concert hall of thousands.

Dr. Paul Friday was the highlight of our statewide convention in Washington, D.C.
— David S. Pollock, PA Family Lawyer, past chair PA Bar Association Family Law Section, fellow AAML & IAML

Sample topics and professional organizations


  • Defining and finding normal
  • Reducing workplace stress
  • Addressing bullying
  • Resolving systems conflicts
  • Adapting to change
  • Balancing work and home
  • Avoiding burnout


  • Law firms
  • Hospital departments
  • Hospital system leadership
  • Professional organizations/conferences
  • School district faculties
  • Nursing school graduating class

Dr. Friday gave an exciting and informative multimedia presentation. He blended humor with hypnosis, neurology with audience participation.
— Ann Louise Daily, Ph.D., Co-advisor Psi Beta, CCAC North Hills, PA

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